Zoos and Wildlife Parks

All zoos and wildlife parks strive to produce scenery to imitate the animals natural environments and to make them aesthetically pleasing, the general colours used are earthy and natural such as browns and greens.

Our local zoo, Chester Zoo has used our plastic turf reinforcement mesh as a fence surrounding some animal enclosures making it a dual purpose product. From the pictures below, the wooden fence with the extra reinforcement of our plastic protection mesh makes it the ideal safe, aesthetically pleasing fencing with the ‘green’ look it blends into the natural environment. The fencing has a thickness of 5mm and due to its main use for grass protection it has a high roll weight of 640gm/m2, making it a heavy duty product doubling the weight of our other plastic fencing we do. Its rot resistant and chemically inert and 100% recyclable. The fencing has been up for a few years now and these pictures were only taken a few days ago so you can see the quality and longevity of the product.

The picture below shows a comparison to some metal fencing which has been used, as you can see its rusted and doesn’t look as natural, making the environment look more captive. Whereas our plastic mesh has still retained its colour and structure and blends perfectly into the greenery behind the fencing.

Chester Zoo have also made use of a lot of natural screening, such as bamboo, brushwood and willow, the photo collage below shows examples of it being used internally in animal enclosures, externally on gates and as screening in front of the main fencing.

Mesh 4 supply this natural screening, please click here to view this product https://mesh4.co.uk/product/horticulture-agriculture/natural-screening

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