Turf Reinforcement Mesh

Turf reinforcement mesh is a light plastic mesh which is cost effective, lightweight and flexible, available in two grades it makes it an ideal product for use in a variety of applications such as the following:

Grassed paths and walkways

Suitable for use on existing grassed areas which are trafficked by pedestrians, wheelchairs, bicycles and wheelbarrows. Turf protection mesh can prevent the wear and tear from daily trafficked areas which are prone to becoming worn and rutted adding stability. The turf protection structure ensures effective anchoring to grass roots, efficiently protecting the grass from becoming pulled up. If you our looking for grass protection for vehicular use our GP flex is ideal for this application https://mesh4.co.uk/product/ground-reinforcement-geotechnical/gp-flex

Lawn protection from digging animals

Our turf protection can be laid and pegged down onto an existing lawn to prevent dogs, other domestic pets and some wild animals from digging into the ground ruining your garden. It is also ideal for free range chickens who forage freely from completely ruining a grassed area.

Tree guards

Our turf reinforcing mesh can be used as tree guards to prevent damage from browsing animals such as rabbits, livestock and deer. Our mesh has been used by Chester Zoo as tree guards, below is a picture after installation.

Golf Courses

A cost efficient way of preventing the loss of golf balls, the mesh prevents the balls from sinking into the ground and also makes the collection of the balls easier due to them being more visible. It is also ideal to keep the golfing area ‘green’ when using golf buggy tracks.

Our turf reinforcing mesh is available in various sized rolls for larger and smaller areas, it’s easy to install and peg down with our U pins https://mesh4.co.uk/product/ground-reinforcement-geotechnical/grass-reinforcement-accessories-pins, the grass will grow through the mesh and the area will soon resume its natural green appearance with the mesh underneath being almost invisible. For full installation instructions please click here https://mesh4.co.uk/product/ground-reinforcement-geotechnical/tr-flex

Please contact our sales office on 01978 807345 for more information, and prices. Samples and a visit from our technical department is available on request.