Top 3 products to prepare your garden (or farm) for winter

As we wake up to frosty mornings and experience shorter days and inclement weather, it’s important to get your farm or garden prepared for winter to ensure it’s in the best condition ready for spring. Here are our top three products to see you through the winter months.  

Frost protection fleece

The Mesh4 frost protection fleece can be used to protect your crops from frost, wind, hail, birds and insects. It will also diffuse strong sunlight, reduce transpiration and is permeable to air and water. 

Mole net 

Our mole net effectively protects your lawn from moles and small rodents which can dig holes in the ground. The mesh is light, but heavy-duty like a metal net. However, unlike the latter, it resists chemicals and weather elements. The net goes through a stretching process where it’s pulled in both directions during production, which provides the mesh with exceptional tensile strength so it can withstand intense stresses. 


We provide the best windbreak fence, whether you’re looking for heavy duty windbreak netting,  garden windbreak mesh or agricultural windbreak netting, we have the perfect products for you. 
Our 1m windbreak is designed to reduce windspeed without creating turbulence, and provides cost effective protection where no natural shelter exists. 

Our high strength windbreak is ideal for particularly exposed areas, in addition to closer post spacing. It has been designed with high tensile strength properties to withstand any stronger winds.

You can buy ground and grass reinforcement products online here.