Render & Plaster Reinforcing Mesh

Render and plaster can easily crack under stress during application and use; Mesh4’s premium quality render mesh can be used as a strengthening layer in construction to reinforce plaster, render and mortar. This fibreglass mesh is designed to provide better grip and improve the mechanical strength of the rendered wall which protects the finished surface from cracks and impact damage. It’s embedded into the base layer with the finishing render applied over the top; it can be used internally and externally and should be installed with an overlap.

Cement contains alkali which can cause degradation of the glass fibres; Mesh4’s render mesh has an alkaline-resistant starch coating which adds to the benefits of making our render mesh a brilliant anti-crack reinforcement system.  

It is heavy duty yet light weight which enables ease of application, storage and handling – it can also be easily cut with scissors.

Produced in Italy, this Tenax product has been rewarded with the ITC-CNR quality mark in compliance with the requirements included in the ETAG 004 guide and can be used for plaster in the ETICS systems. This mark certifies the product quality along with the high constant standards during its production process.

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