Protective Sleeving

Whether you call it protective sleeving, extruded mesh sleeving, protective netting or anything in between, our range of protective sleeving is comprehensive and we are able to support a whole range of applications.

Protective sleeving in use

Uses for protective sleeves vary. Some use the extruded mesh sleeving to protect glass bottles; it can be used to protect car parts, particularly exhausts for some of the more expensive models.

Whatever it is used for, our protective sleeving offers a practical, effective and reasonably-priced barrier to external damage during manufacture, transit and storage.

Protective sleeving can be used for furniture to protect it during transit

Our extruded mesh sleeving is flexible enough to mould around irregularly-shaped items, in order to prevent any knocks causing unwelcome damage such as scratches and, unlike alternative options, protective sleeving can be reused.

Contact rubbing during transit is a real problem and so we would highly recommend you enquire about our protective sleeving today.

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