Protection Fleece

Fleece is one of the most useful accessories in the gardening and horticultural world! It can be used throughout the year and has many advantages.

Protection fleece helps raise temperatures, in the Spring and Summer it works with the warmth of the sun to raise temperatures inside the cover by a few degrees, this can speed up the maturity and flowering by 2 weeks compared to uncovered plants. Fleece at the same time is also able to let warmth out if it gets too hot in peak Summer.

In the Autumn and Winter fleece is used to insulate plants and crops from the cold weather and to protect them from frost. Covering sensitive plants throughout the whole of winter means they should survive until Spring. Frost protection fleece also protects from bad weather such as wind and hail preventing crops and plants from any damage and growth issues, wind along with low temperature is one of the main reasons plants growth is hindered.

It can also protect from pests and disease, offering a physical barrier to protect plants and crops from these destroying issues.

Our fleece comes in 17 gram and 30 gram and is manufactured from stabilised polypropylene, this lightweight fabric is soft and warm and is easy to install, however due to its lightness does need to be anchored down well.

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