Products to help with social distancing at schools

After testing their parents’ recall of O Level maths and English for months on end, the young (and not so young) ones are finally back in the care of teachers.

Government guidance around social distancing presents key challenges for schools, particularly regarding drop-off and pickup. An influx of vehicles and people means a certain level of meandering and organised chaos.

Temporary car parks for improved social distancing

A number of schools have contacted us recently to enquire about our ground reinforcement products, which enable temporary carparks to be created. This way you can really utilise the space at your school without damaging the grass (not only is this unsightly and sure to upset the neighbours, it is also unsafe, in terms of slips and trips).

Temporary pedestrian walkways help to create more space

Temporary walkways help to again protect the grass but additionally control the flow of people and drive them down a certain route, ensuring there isn’t a flood of people approaching the school from all different angles (which is impossible to manage).

Temporary walkway

This is in line with our temporary carpark solutions mean that you can do a lot more to help your school comply with social distancing measures. If you’re back open and experiencing a certain level of concern or chaos, please don’t hesitate to contact us now.