Plastic netting

Mesh4 supply a range of extruded plastic netting which can be used for various applications, here is some extra information on a couple of them, please have a browse through our website for more information on the whole product ranges we do.

Boundary fence – A green plastic fence with high tensile, structural and mechanical strength. As with most of our meshes, boundary fence is manufactured by Tenax and undergoes an exclusive production process making it a long lasting ideal permanent fence. Manufactured in various sizes including 4 meters in height, this fencing is ideal for animal enclosures including small/medium sized dogs, sports facilities fencing such as for the perimeter of a golf course and fencing large industrial and residential areas.

Boundary fence

Square mesh – A various range of meshes differentiated by the mesh size.

Square mesh 5 has the smallest mesh size of 4 x 4mm, ideal for installing on balconies and railings and due to its small hole size makes a brilliant crop/plant protection fence and tree guard to prevent any damaged from browsing animals.

Square mesh 10 has a mesh size of 9 x 9mm and Square mesh 20 has a mesh size of 20 x 20mm, these are two of the best-selling and widely used meshes. They are great multipurpose fences ideal for balconies, any kind of gate and fence application, the square mesh 10 is ideal for crop protection. These come with manufacturer guarantees.

Square mesh 50 has the largest mesh size of 45 x 45mm, again it’s a great versatile fence for many of the applications mentioned above and due its large mesh size its an ideal plant support for Clematis. Click here to view our square meshes

Square mesh 5

Multimesh – Our multimesh has a mesh size of 20 x 19mm and has a 5 year guarantee. Ideal for garden applications such as fencing, balconies and gates. Multimesh can also be used as a poultry ground protection mesh, it can be laid down where the chickens forage and offers protection to grass to prevent it from becoming damaged and churned up.

Multimesh plastic fencing

All the above products are:

  • Light and easy to handle
  • Resist any weather condition and don’t rust
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to install
  • UV treated
  • Green in colour making them blend into surroundings

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