Millennium Sterling Fence

Another Tenax fencing produced in Italy, suitable for both garden and professional applications. Produced from 100% polypropylene, light and easy to handle and has a 10 year guarantee!

This strong fencing is an alternative to wire, galvanised chain link and welded mesh fencing in appearance and strength making it a brilliant replica metal fence. Its extremely high tensile strength and tear and breach resistance is due to the manufacturing process it undergoes thanks to the molecular orientation of the threads in both directions.

Unlike its metal counterparts it will not rust or corrode and is also UV stabilised and not affected by saline corrosion which makes it ideal in coastal areas. It also has a built in memory of polymer structures, meaning it will quickly resume its natural shape if knocked or crushed.

This fencing is also ideal for bio architecture and for fencing areas with particular problems of electromagnetism such as airports, industrial areas and places where radar systems are in use.

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