How to stop vehicles from slipping on grass

There are many occasions when grass needs to be driven (and parked) on. Whether it’s for vehicle access routes, events which require extra overflow parking, or when a grassed area needs to be turned into a more permanent car park. Parking outside your house on grass verges isn’t illegal but if the grass is owned by the council and there’s persistent damage to the grass, the council can prosecute you, so being able to park on your lawn is an ideal solution.

The issue with parking on grass is that it’s not designed to be trafficked by vehicles. Car tyres wear grass easily and quickly which causes worn and bald areas, making the ground extremely slippy and a complete nightmare to manoeuvre and park on. Tyres have no traction on a slippy muddy surface and will just spin and skid until you’re completely stuck in the mud! The last thing you want when holding an event or designing a grassed car parking area is a complete muddy mess, with cars unable to get on and off the area.

To fix this issue, paving, tarmac and concrete can be laid, however, these options can be very expensive, especially when needing to cover a bigger area and will require maintenance due to wear and tear.

Mesh4 has the best solution! Cost effective, no-maintenance products which provide traction and a protective barrier between car tyres and the ground. Here’s a little bit more about the suitable products:

Grass Parking Mesh

Ground reinforcement product

Our grass parking mesh is ideal for covering larger areas where the ‘green’ appearance is still required. With little preparation required, by cutting the grass as short as possible and levelling any ground by filling dips with a sand/soil mix, the mesh can then be laid with the brown anti-slip coating facing upwards. U pins are used to anchor the grass parking mesh down. Read more on our installation instructions here.

As the grass grows through the mesh, it forms a strong interlock and creates a barrier between car tyres and the ground, meaning the car tyres will not cause any disruption to the soil underneath and wear down the grass. This provides traction and stability to the surface which in turn will prevent slippage.

Available in three grades and four sizes there’s a grass mesh to suit your application.

Plastic Pavers

Our porous plastic grass pavers are an interlocking paving system ideal for areas with poor drainage issues. Due to their cellular structure these permeable pavers allow water to drain easily. With a thickness of 39mm they add depth between the soil surface which will easily protect the ground below when trafficked, preventing worn grass and muddy areas, making it an ideal solution.

The plastic pavers can either be seeded for a grass finish or gravelled. When seeded the cells provide unrestricted root growth and protection which provides an optimum environment for the grass; grass should be as healthy as ever! When gravelled the cellular structure contains the gravel preventing displacement, making it ideal for a driveway where you don’t have to constantly be brushing the gravel back into place!

A sub-base is required for this product – read more on our installation instructions here.

Contact Mesh4 today for further information on these products, we also supply small samples, expert advice and site visits if required.

You can buy ground and grass reinforcement products online here.