How to prevent wind damage on your farm or rural property

The UK isn’t blessed with the best of weather! For the past month or two all I hear is the howling of the wind. With two recent weather warnings and storm Ciara and storm Dennis bringing strong gale force winds, who knows when this spell of windy weather will end!

Farmers especially suffer from the negative effects of the wind which can cause severe disruption and losses. Farming is a livelihood; it needs to be successful to gain profit and make a living so farmers need to ensure their crops and livestock are protected.

Crops and plants won’t survive well in poor weather conditions – wind has a huge negative effect on their growth; wind can damage or blow down the strongest tree, so in strong winds seedlings won’t stand a chance and mature crop such as corn will break and flatten. Wind mixed with colder winter temperatures or hot humid summer temperatures dries the crops out, making it difficult for them to replace the water they lose, which will result in them dying. Plants and crops are more susceptible to disease when damaged, so this damage needs to be prevented.

Farm animals also suffer from negative effects of the wind. All animals have a thermo neutral zone; a temperature that is considered the best for animal performance and health. The lower mark of this zone is referred to as the lower critical temperature and livestock experience cold stress below this. The wind produces wind chill and if not protected from this the animals will soon move to the lower critical temperature. This in turn increases energy requirements which will use fat stores, causing weight loss and increasing feed costs. It can also cause hypothermia which can be deadly, causing profit loss through death and health expenses.

In cases where there are no natural windbreaks, artificial wind barriers can be created and Mesh4 have products which are suitable to prevent wind damage on your farm:


Shade and Shelter Net

Ideal for smaller, more sheltered areas and poly tunnels, our shade and shelter nets are manufactured from HDPE. This shelter net has reinforced edges with eyelets and is UV stabilised. These cost-effective nets are permeable to light, air and water but provide shelter from winds. Aesthetically pleasing colour and material which will blend in perfectly with natural surroundings.


There are three choices of windbreaks, they are all UV stabilised and have reinforced edges but have varying weights and tensile strength. The strongest one; our ‘super strength’ windbreak has a tensile strength of 30 KN/m making it one of the strongest on the market. This wind barrier provides suitable protection from gale force winds and exposed windy areas. It also makes a brilliant windbreak to put around animal housing for a side air vent solution, it is used regularly for this application and has proved very effective. Livestock need to be protected from the wind but they also need some sort of ventilation to prevent moisture build up and disease and these windbreaks are ideal.

We hope you have found this blog informative. If you require any further information, competitive quote or any samples please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales team here.