How to beat the heavy wind with windbreaks

Windbreaks (also known as wind fences) are typically used to reduce wind speeds in open or exposed areas, such as fields, industrial areas or homes. As experienced with Storm Dennis & Ciara, high winds can cause major disruption and damage; a high strength windbreak is the best solution for protecting against the wind.

How to stop your fence from blowing down in the wind

Mesh4 windbreaks provide the best windbreak fence. Whether you’re looking for heavy duty windbreak netting, garden windbreak mesh or agricultural windbreak netting, we have the perfect large windbreakers for you.

Super strength windbreak

1m Windbreak

Designed to reduce windspeed without creating turbulence, Mesh4 windbreak provides cost effective protection where no natural shelter exists.

High Strength Windbreak

In particularly exposed areas it is advisable to install a more robust windbreak in addition to closer post spacing. High strength windbreak has been designed with high tensile strength properties to withstand stronger winds.

How to protect against strong winds

Super strength windbreak

With a tensile strength of 30kN/m this windbreak is one of the strongest available and will provide protection against gale force winds. Manufactured in 1m widths, it can be erected in successive layers for a high level windbreak.

Triplet Windbreak

Triplet windbreak has a unique style with regards to its decorative effect and its original structure. It mitigates the effect of the wind on balconies and terraces while keeping its decorative function.