Ground reinforcement mesh: the 8 main benefits

Ground reinforcement product

Mass transit over grassed areas is an issue as it is unsafe, unsightly and bad for the environment. Plastic ground reinforcement meshes are designed to put an end to this problem, and give your grass the protection it deserves.

To further this, we present the 8 main benefits of grass/ground protection meshes:

  1. They have a unique anti-slip surface
  2. They can bear up to 8 tonnes of weight
  3. The oscillated mesh pattern provides increased tensile strength
  4. They’re SUDs compliant – no planning permission required
  5. They’re very easy to install
  6. They are produced from chemically inert substances
  7. They are rot-resistant and therefore our plastic ground reinforcement meshes are built to last
  8. They can be used for a range of applications

Why Mesh4’s ground reinforcement mesh?

The GP Flex products are all SUDs compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) and ISO 9001 quality assured products. The GP Flex is designed to protect and strengthen grassed areas that will then be suitable for applications such as overflow carparks, caravan parking, grassed access roads, cycle paths and event parking.

The GP Flex mesh has an oscillated pattern, and is unique due to the slip resistant surface. This safety feature has been tested to BS 7976-2 and when tested alongside other grass protection meshes, the GP Flex has shown an improvement of over 33% by comparison. The mesh is quick & easy to install and there are no special skills required.

You can view our grass/ground reinforcement mesh here.

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