Ground reinforcement for schools

Effective ground reinforcement can be as simple as utilising a grass protection mesh on a flat surface, in order to increase accessibility for vehicles and ensure proper rainwater drainage, with a view to protecting the ground/grass underneath.

Mesh4’s main ground protection products suitable for schools are TR-Flex turf reinforcement mesh and GP-Flex grass protection mesh.


The TR-Flex ground reinforcement is a lightweight and flexible mesh that can be used for many grass-based applications:

  • Occasional vehicle access
  • Lawn reinforcement
  • Prevents animals digging up lawn areas
  • Slope stabilisation
  • Support for rubber matting

This type of reinforcement is perfect for pathways in a school which may cut across grass. The mesh allows the ground to stay stable and not rot/erode away with the amount of people walking over it, whilst still allowing the grass to grow.


GP Flex is a ground/grass protection mesh, which provides grass matting protection for areas such as:

  • Carparks
  • Grass accessed roads
  • Wheelchair access routes
  • Temporary emergency vehicle access routes
  • Protection for garden paths such as nature reserves in schools
  • Overflow grass parking

This type of reinforcement is best for school carparks. This will stop the ground form rotting/eroding beneath the surface. This mesh also allows extra grip, for example if the school needed to make a temporary carpark on the school field for school events. If the ground was wet, the mesh would allow for extra grip and will not ruin the grass.

Both types of mesh reinforcement use a series of fixing pins to hold them in place.


The TR-Flex and GP-Flex are both suited perfectly for schools whether it is protecting a grass path or used for an overflow carpark. Also, both reinforcements can be used either permanently or temporarily depending on the school’s needs.