Deer Fencing

Having deer live nearby must be a wonderful privilege seeing these beautiful creatures on a daily basis. However living with Deer can also cause issues, when natural resources are limited, deer can come close to houses, fields, orchards and roads, possibly causing  damage to crops, trees, farmland and gardens and an accident running into cars.

Our plastic deer netting can help prevent these issues. A top quality product produced in Italy, its unique manufacturing process makes it incredibly strong and resistant which makes it an ideal and cost effective barrier for use with these large strong animals. It is also light and flexible making it easy to install and handle.

Once installed, its best to warn the deer of the fence to make it more visible, this can be done by hanging coloured bows at waist height, once the deer have become accustomed to the net the bows can be removed.

Available in various sized rolls they are rot proof, UV stabilised and chemical resistant. View the product here

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