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Products to help with social distancing at schools

After testing their parents’ recall of O Level maths and English for months on end, the young (and not so young) ones are finally back in the care of teachers. Government guidance around social distancing presents key challenges for schools, particularly regarding drop-off and pickup. An influx of vehicles and people means a certain level […]

Ground reinforcement for schools

Effective ground reinforcement can be as simple as utilising a grass protection mesh on a flat surface, in order to increase accessibility for vehicles and ensure proper rainwater drainage, with a view to protecting the ground/grass underneath. Mesh4’s main ground protection products suitable for schools are TR-Flex turf reinforcement mesh and GP-Flex grass protection mesh. TR-Flex The TR-Flex […]

How to make your garden beautiful

It seems that now is the time to concentrate on your garden and get it looking beautiful. We’re all going to be spending much more time in our gardens in these unprecedented times, due to the Coronavirus pandemic; to get some fresh air and for our mental wellbeing. With some hardware stores still open and […]

Four easy ways to stop grass from being ruined

Grass in our gardens puts up with a lot. From kids playing out, to dogs running around; trips back and forth to the shed; lawns can be pretty resilient but they can also fail to thrive with the constant use and trampling. Everybody wants the ‘best’ green luscious lawn, but sometimes that can be hard […]

Case Study – Grass Reinforcement Project

We recently finished a grass reinforcement project at Erddig House, which is a National Trust property on the outskirts of Wrexham. Erddig House is an historic building built in 1687, with superb landscaped areas around the grounds of the main building. The BBC was about to film ‘Antiques Roadshow’, so full use of the off-road […]

Plastic Pavers

Mesh 4’s Gridlok Elite are strong interlocking 100% recycled plastic ground reinforcement grids which can be installed to provide an attractive reinforced grass or gravel surface suitable for driving and parking on and for pedestrian use. These paving grids are SUDS compliant and do not require any planning permission. Due to their cell structure these […]

How ground reinforcement can help in farms

Farmers have many acres of land which provide grazing areas for livestock and fields for crop production. Farmland incurs a lot of use from animals and farm machinery and this constant use can cause mud! And mud as natural as it is can cause problems for farmers. Lameness is currently one of the most important […]

Benefits of Rubber Mats & Grass Mats

Mesh4’s rubber matting is an environmentally friendly non slip, impact absorbing surface manufactured from high density recycled rubber. It has a vast range of applications Parks and Garden Areas Playgrounds Stables Sports Areas Schools Swimming Pools Ideal for parks and playgrounds as it is critical fall height certified, tested by RAPRA in accordance with BS […]