Benefits of Trackguard

Mesh4’s Trackguard is a tough re-usable extruded mesh panel, its designed to protect grassed areas from damage of heavy vehicles, manufactured in Italy you can guarantee excellent quality.

On construction sites the grass can become churned up with all the heavy traffic crossing such as diggers, JCB’s and dumper trucks. By laying the Trackguard down it provides reinforcement for the heavy machinery to drive over therefore preventing damage to the ground underneath. Trackguard would also be ideal for utility and infrastructure maintenance such as overhead power lines, gaining access to farmers fields/peoples property’s in company vehicles can cause damage to the ground underneath, laying the panels down could prevent any claims against damaged land. Each panel weighs less than 10kg but they can support vehicle weights of up to 20 tonnes (dependant on current ground condition).

Some of the key features of the Trackguard are:

  • Avoids property and environmental damage
  • Non slip surface for high traction grip
  • Prevents vehicles from becoming bogged down

Trackguard would also be suitable for emergency/event access routes, farm/field gateways and temporary roadways and carparks and as they are re-usable can be used time and time again therefore cost efficient.

Each panel comes in 2.05m x 1.2m, it’s easy to install, simply lay down the panels and secure with fixing pins, there’s no need for any ground preparation.

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