Benefits of Insulation Support Netting

Insulation netting is used to support insulation materials between floor rafters, in vertical wall insulation or essentially between any framework and joists and is easy to install by stapling or tacking to rafters or vertical struts. Insulation support netting has a range of benefits.

Supports deep insulation depths

The insulation support net we supply supports a depth of insulation ranging between 100mm to 250mm. A single thickness of insulation net can span rafters up to 450mm apart and a double thickness up to 1200mm.

It is rot-proof and chemically resistant

Our net is manufactured from fully UV stabilised polypropylene, it is rot proof and chemically resistant.

It is long-lasting

When correctly installed into an enclosed floor or wall, it will provide support indefinitely.

It has a range of applications

  • Designed to hold and support insulation materials from K-Boards to Rockwool
  • Can be used under ventilated timber floors during refurbishment

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