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Case Study – Grass Reinforcement Project

We recently finished a grass reinforcement project at Erddig House, which is a National Trust property on the outskirts of Wrexham. Erddig House is an historic building built in 1687, with superb landscaped areas around the grounds of the main building. The BBC was about to film ‘Antiques Roadshow’, so full use of the off-road […]

Render & Plaster Reinforcing Mesh

Render and plaster can easily crack under stress during application and use; Mesh4’s premium quality render mesh can be used as a strengthening layer in construction to reinforce plaster, render and mortar. This fibreglass mesh is designed to provide better grip and improve the mechanical strength of the rendered wall which protects the finished surface […]

Plastic Pavers

Mesh 4’s Gridlok Elite are strong interlocking 100% recycled plastic ground reinforcement grids which can be installed to provide an attractive reinforced grass or gravel surface suitable for driving and parking on and for pedestrian use. These paving grids are SUDS compliant and do not require any planning permission. Due to their cell structure these […]

Contamination Net

‘Brownfield’ land is an area of land or premises that has been previously used but has subsequently become vacant, derelict or contaminated. Earlier this year the Guardian wrote that a million new homes could be built on ‘Brownfield’ land in the coming years. These sites usually require extra preparation than ‘Greenfield’ sites and can contain […]

Protective Netting

Manufacturers of tools, machined parts/components, furniture, glass bottles and other delicate non scratch resistant products put time and care into the production of these items, they then don’t want them to get scuffed, scratched and damaged during storage, manufacture and transit, they need to be well protected to reduce the risk of damage to reduce the […]

Plastic netting

Mesh4 supply a range of extruded plastic netting which can be used for various applications, here is some extra information on a couple of them, please have a browse through our website for more information on the whole product ranges we do. Boundary fence – A green plastic fence with high tensile, structural and mechanical […]

How ground reinforcement can help in farms

Farmers have many acres of land which provide grazing areas for livestock and fields for crop production. Farmland incurs a lot of use from animals and farm machinery and this constant use can cause mud! And mud as natural as it is can cause problems for farmers. Lameness is currently one of the most important […]

Benefits of Rubber Mats & Grass Mats

Mesh4’s rubber matting is an environmentally friendly non slip, impact absorbing surface manufactured from high density recycled rubber. It has a vast range of applications Parks and Garden Areas Playgrounds Stables Sports Areas Schools Swimming Pools Ideal for parks and playgrounds as it is critical fall height certified, tested by RAPRA in accordance with BS […]