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How to stop deer from trampling your farm

In the UK, many farmers are impacted by deer trampling across the land, destroying crops and disturbing animal stocks. The easiest option to stop deer from trampling and damaging your crops is to install deer netting or fencing. Therefore, the best netting solution to block deer movements is in our opinion is the Cintoflex/C-Flex netting. They have […]

Top 3 products to prepare your garden (or farm) for winter

As we wake up to frosty mornings and experience shorter days and inclement weather, it’s important to get your farm or garden prepared for winter to ensure it’s in the best condition ready for spring. Here are our top three products to see you through the winter months.   Frost protection fleece The Mesh4 frost […]

Products to help with social distancing at schools

After testing their parents’ recall of O Level maths and English for months on end, the young (and not so young) ones are finally back in the care of teachers. Government guidance around social distancing presents key challenges for schools, particularly regarding drop-off and pickup. An influx of vehicles and people means a certain level […]

Ground reinforcement for schools

Effective ground reinforcement can be as simple as utilising a grass protection mesh on a flat surface, in order to increase accessibility for vehicles and ensure proper rainwater drainage, with a view to protecting the ground/grass underneath. Mesh4’s main ground protection products suitable for schools are TR-Flex turf reinforcement mesh and GP-Flex grass protection mesh. TR-Flex The TR-Flex […]

Protective Sleeving

Whether you call it protective sleeving, extruded mesh sleeving, protective netting or anything in between, our range of protective sleeving is comprehensive and we are able to support a whole range of applications. Uses for protective sleeves vary. Some use the extruded mesh sleeving to protect glass bottles; it can be used to protect car […]

How to make your garden beautiful

It seems that now is the time to concentrate on your garden and get it looking beautiful. We’re all going to be spending much more time in our gardens in these unprecedented times, due to the Coronavirus pandemic; to get some fresh air and for our mental wellbeing. With some hardware stores still open and […]

How to prevent wind damage on your farm or rural property

The UK isn’t blessed with the best of weather! For the past month or two all I hear is the howling of the wind. With two recent weather warnings and storm Ciara and storm Dennis bringing strong gale force winds, who knows when this spell of windy weather will end! Farmers especially suffer from the […]