4 ways to prepare for Spring

The sun has started to make an appearance and the temperature is starting to feel that bit warmer; of course, all those chocolate Easter eggs are in the shops which means Spring is just round the corner! Now is the time to prepare your garden ready for Spring – here’s Mesh4’s ideas on how this can be done.

Our Ground Cover offers great protection against weeds
  1. Have a Spring clean!  – Gardens can be neglected throughout Autumn and Winter so they will need a good tidy up. Firstly, prune any hedges, bushes and trees; trimming back and cutting any dead growth. Secondly, remove any leaves, dead and unhealthy plants and other debris such as the hedge/tree clippings from flower beds and borders. Give the lawns a good mow – trimming that grass down will completely transform the garden!
  2. Dig out those weeds and dead plants – Give compacted soil a good turn and mix using a garden trowel or fork to prepare for planting new plants and flowers. Dig out any weeds; make sure you get those roots! And either burn them or put them in the garden waste bin. To prevent weeds in the future you can use our weed control fabric or ground cover. If you plan on using a fabric weed suppressant, lay this first before thinking of planting any new plants and flowers.
  3. Liven up those fences – There are many suitable paints in a variety of colours in your local DIY shops to give your fences a lease of life! Not only do they modernise your garden but adding a lick of paint will protect your fence from the elements. For a more natural appearance, you can use Mesh4’s artificial hedging, they are supplied in rolls so easy to install with ties, wire or metal staples. Simply roll out and fix to the original fence. They don’t require any maintenance and can easily be washed with water. Fancy having plants climbing up your fences? Use our square mesh 50, an ideal support for climbing flowers and an inexpensive alternative to traditional trellises.
  4. Prepare the patio – Over the Autumn and Winter months dirt and grime can build up on patios and decking. Give it a good clean with a power hose or scrub with a thick bristled brush. Keep your bins in your garden? Disguise them with our wheelie bin screen, an attractive rattan wheelie bin storage screen, easy to install and access with a hinged middle, which will really spruce up your garden!
Our Rattan Wheelie Bin Screen helps make your garden beautiful

These 4 steps will completely change the look of your garden to get it Spring ready. Take a browse through our previous blogs for more tips and advice.

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